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222 Ashley Road | Hale | Cheshire | WA15 9SR | STAFF PORTAL


What is your Ofsted rating?

Our 2022 Ofsted Inspection was graded ‘Outstanding’. The report and previous inspection reports can be found here.

How often are you inspected by Ofsted?

Ofsted aim to inspect nurseries each cycle, which is three to four yearly. The setting is given only half a day’s notice. They will also inspect if they receive a serious complaint, and then no notice is given.


What are your opening times?

We are open Monday – Friday, 7.30am – 6.00pm. We are closed on Bank Holidays and finish for Christmas on 23rd December and re-open on the first working day of the new year.


How can I visit Richmond House Kindergarten?

We have an open door policy but please telephone our nursery on 0161 941 5874 to arrange an appointment.

When should I book a place for my child?

We recommend securing your place as soon as possible because we have restrictions on how many children we can accommodate in each phase group. Should you apply closer to your required start date, we may not have a vacancy for your child, but we will try our best to accommodate your child/children.

How do I book a place for my child?

Once you have been to look round the nursery, we will send you a link to our online application form. Please complete it and send your deposit so that we can secure your child’s place. If for whatever reason you are unable to look round the nursery before you apply, please contact us and we will answer any questions you have.


Can my child visit the nursery prior to starting?

Yes, we offer settling in sessions individual to each child’s needs. Each child has an initial induction visit with a parent/s or another familiar adult spending time in the room, meeting the practitioners, in particular the Key Carer, and sharing information. We then offer further settling in sessions where the child is welcome to stay for short time including a meal. Please feel free to ring us at any point before your little one starts to discuss this.



We provide formula milk, but we ask that you supply bottles which can be kept at nursery and sterilised after each use or can be sent home each day. If a baby is continuing to be breast fed, we are more than happy for mum to send in breast milk or to come into Nursery to feed her baby if this convenient for her.


We provide nappies, sensitive wipes or water and cotton wool, if preferred, and nappy bags.  Parents and Carers are welcome to bring their own wipes and creams if they have a preference. We also welcome terry nappies, which will be bagged up and returned to the Parent / Carer at the end of each day, to take home for washing.

Extra clothing

All babies and children require at least one change of clothes that are clearly labelled. This may be increased for babies or for children who are toilet training. Families with babies are also asked to supply an all-in-one suit for use when they sleep outside in the prams. All children go outside every day and are required to bring a warm clothing and suitable footwear.

Sun cream

We provide sun cream but if your child requires a particular brand, then please label it and bring it to nursery.

Comforters and medication:

Any comforters your child uses, long-term medication, and an in date, sealed, prescribed bottle of Calpol can be brought into Nursery. Please make sure everything you bring in is clearly labelled and signed into Nursery via the Manager.


Do all staff hold relevant childcare qualifications?

We have a fully qualified team of childcare professionals, ranging from Level 2 to Early Years Teaching Status. All staff are encouraged to build on their studies, to support reflective practice and further their knowledge and understanding of child development and key current childcare topics.

Are all staff Enhanced DBS checked?

Yes. Every staff member is Enhanced DBS checked when they come to work with us. While waiting for their Enhanced DBS certificate and during their intensive induction, a staff member will not be left alone with children or be able to carry out any intimate care routines.

Are your staff First Aid trained?

Yes, all our nursery practitioners are first aid trained and renew their qualifications every three years, with regular reminders at monthly staff meetings.

What are the staff to child ratios at Richmond House Kindergarten?

The ratios are outlined by Early Years Foundation Stage and are:

0-2 years – 1 adult : 3 children,
2-3 years – 1 adult : 4 children
Over 3 years – 1 adult : 8 children

Are the same staff based in each room to assist continuity?

Yes, each room has a Room Leader and a staff team. Most staff have a small group of key children, meaning they are responsible for their learning journeys and regularly planning for and assessing their development. We strive to keep the staff in each room as consistent as possible, especially when children are settling into nursery.


How will my child sleep at nursery and where?

Parents and Carers with children in Baby / Toddler Room can choose eithera cot, sleep mat, or a buggy laid suitably flat for their child’s nap. This will be discussed with you during your little one’s settle sessions. Staff gently transition toddlers over to beds as they are preparing to move through to Nursery Class. Sleep arrangements are always discussed with you beforehand and individual cases are always taken into consideration.

How do staff get children to sleep?

Team members will discuss this with you and follow any routines from home, if this is more comforting for your little one, especially while settling. As children adapt to being at nursery, they will often fall asleep by themselves, children may be comforted by a staff member rubbing their back or softly rocking them, however this is individual to each child’s needs and if you wish for your little one to go to sleep independently, please make the team members in your child’s room aware.

Do children have their own bedding and how often is this washed?

Yes, children are allocated fresh bedding and it is regularly laundered as required.

My child has a set routine, how will this fit into nursery life?

When your little one starts with us, we will follow your home routine to help with their transition. After that each child is different, some will stay on they own routine, especially in Baby / Toddler Room, and some will adapt to the nursery routine.


What times are meal and snack times?

Breakfast 8am-9am Choice of toast, fruit toast, pancakes, teacakes, and additional cereals during the warmer months and a drink of milk/water
Mid-morning snack around 10am Fresh fruit and a drink of milk/water
Lunch served between 11.15am and 11.45am (depending on the phase group) A hot meal and a pudding with a drink of water
Afternoon snack around 2pm Fresh fruit and a drink of milk/water
Afternoon tea served between 3.15pm and 3.30pm (depending on the phase group) A lighter hot meal and a pudding with a drink of water

Water is available in all rooms throughout the day.

Is the food freshly prepared on the nursery premises on a daily basis?

Yes, we have two fully qualified cooks at nursery who prepare two meals a day for our children, with our menu on a three-week rotation that changes with the seasons of the year. All recipes are in line with the Trafford ‘Healthy Setting Award’ objectives, and we are proud offer food made with fresh ingredients, with no added salt or sugar.

What happens if my baby is not yet weaned when they start nursery?

When you and your little one come for their initial settling session, we can discuss this further. We will work with you, follow your routine from home as you introduce new foods and offer support and guidance if needed.

Where do children eat their meals?

Each phase group eats in their own room.

Do you have a Halal or Kosher options on your menus?

No, however we do offer vegetarian and vegan alternatives and can also adapt our menu for many allergy or dietary requirements, for example, dairy free or sugar free.


How will my child’s progress be tracked throughout nursery?

All children are observed and planned for through their ‘next steps’. Observations are linked into the Early Years Outcomes/Development Matters, Characteristics of Effective Learning and the Leuven Scale of Well-being and Involvement. This helps to build a picture of where each child is tracking in their development. Every child has a baseline assessment within a few weeks of being at nursery, and then termly thereafter.


How often does Richmond House Kindergarten hold Parent / Carer evenings?

Parents and Carers can ask to speak to their child’s Key Carer at any time for an update and overview of their development. We also hold one-to-one parent / carer evenings annually, plus other events where we can discuss your little one’s progress. Parents and Carers can also access their child’s EYLog learning journal online at any time.

My child has special educational needs and disability (SEND), can they still attend Richmond House Kindergarten?

Yes of course! We are a fully inclusive nursery and have been awarded the ‘Trafford Inclusion Friendly Award’ for several years. We pride ourselves on adapting our care to the individual needs of each child to give them the best support we can.

Do you have connections and relationships with surrounding schools?

Yes. We have longstanding relationships with most local primary schools so that your child’s transition into school is as smooth as possible. Reception Class Teachers are invited into Nursery to meet their future pupils and with your consent, we provide the transition information schools find most useful.


Do you have CCTV in your nursery?

We do not currently have CCTV on the premises, but we do have a camera on the front door for added security.

How secure is the nursery?

Families cannot gain entry to the nursery without being let in by a staff member. The front door is double locked on the inside, so children cannot reach to let themselves out of the building when going home or passing through the hallway.

There are two gates before leaving the nursery from the garden and each gate within the nursery, for example stair gates, have locks on both sides.

Collecting children

Each child is signed in and out of the building by a team member every day. Only a parent or the main carer may collect a child from us, unless we have been made aware of any changes, in which case we operate our Child Collection Policy. We use photos, passwords and descriptions of the person. Full details are available from the Nursery Manager.


How often will my child go outside to play?

We aim to have all children outside at least twice a day, all year round. As we treat all children as individuals there may be times when your little one does not wish to go outside, and this is always taken into consideration. During warmer weather children can access the outdoors as much as they want, working around the hottest part of the day. If the weather is particularly hot, we will follow sun protection guidance and request that families provide their own sun care cream and legionnaire style caps.

Do you go for trips/walks?

Yes, we often have trips to the local library, train station and ‘Pirate Park’. Staff also use the minibus to go further afield such as the farm, zoo, and pumpkin patch.

Does Richmond House Kindergarten hold extra-curricular activities?

We have ‘Stretch-n-Grow’ sessions and music classes with Ann Marie.


Do I need to pay a deposit/admin fee to secure my child’s place?

A non-refundable deposit payment of £150 will be required to secure your child’s place. £75 of this will be used as an administration fee and the remainder will be credited against the final invoice provided appropriate written notice is given.

How is my invoice calculated?

The number of sessions each child does per week is added together and then multiplied by 50 weeks (number of weeks we are open during the year) and is then divided by 12 to generate equal monthly payments.

Is there any family discount available if you have more than one child attending the nursery?

Yes. If you have siblings at nursery, the youngest sibling will have a 10% reduction in fees if they do three days or more or if their joint sessions equate to a full time place.

Do you offer funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds?

Yes, when applicable, please contact the office with any further enquiries. Alternatively, please visit the Government website Childcare Choices or this Trafford Council website link.

How can I pay my childcare fees?

Fees are paid on the first of each month by direct debit. Bank transfers or card payments can be made for extra sessions.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we are registered with several childcare voucher companies, please contact the manager for more information.

Do you accept Tax Free Childcare payments?

Yes. Please contact the office for more information.


Who is your Data Protection Officer?

Our Director Alice Apel, is our Data Protection Officer and can be contacted via our Nursery Manager, Jill.

I would like to read your Nursery Policies. How can I do this?

Hard copies are available to read in Nursery. Please speak to Nursery Manager Jill for further information.

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